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Venezuelan entrepreneur created “GP Fitness” for the sports world

Entrepreneurship is inspired by those people who like to look and feel good

Gregory Perdomo, a Business Administration graduate and future Lawyer, decided to embark on the fitness world. His passion for exercise led him to create a line of sportswear, thus “GP Fitness” was born.

From the hand of athlete Gregory Perdomo, who for more than a decade has chosen training as a lifestyle.

“GP Fitness” is a sportswear brand for men and women that launched its first collection this month with a wide variety of colors.

The collection is inspired by those people who like to look and feel good when training without losing comfort.

“I always dreamed of having a project and what better way than to get involved with my day to day. It is a goal accomplished in the short term and I intend to work for more.
It is called GP by the initials of my name”

“I want to leave a legacy in my country. Sport is life and more when you feel
comfortable when training. That's where my focus is."

In this first collection, the fabrics are Micro Durazno, a fresh fabric when it comes to training and that lasts the piece that uses it. «They are 7 colors For both men and women, at first I thought of only taking out men's T-shirts, but I can't leave aside the feminine part, which is also a good market for the brand," he said.

He also assured that he seeks to contribute new forms of production to the country.

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