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Venezuela presented the “Caracas Manual” in Panama

The text developed by Venezuelan experts was presented at the XVII Meeting of the Technical Committee of the Network of Science and Technology Indicators

Venezuela was present at the XVII Meeting of the Technical Committee of the Network of Science and Technology Indicators (Ricyt) during which it presented the “Caracas Handbook: Guide for the collection of Research and Development (R&D) data”, reported the Ministry of Science and Technology in Press release.

The meeting, which is held annually, takes place from May 22 to 24 in Panama, with the participation of more than 25 representatives from 16 countries, along with experts from UNESCO and the IDB. Among them exhibitors from Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Cuba and Panama.

During his speech at the meeting, the president of the National Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation (Oncti), Roberto Betancourt, delved into the work of the technical committee, and highlighted that statistical data contributes to the decision-making of a government.

Support in project formulation

“The Technical Committee of the Science and Technology Indicators Network (Ricyt) collects, analyzes and disseminates statistical data on science, technology and innovation activities in Ibero-American countries with the aim of providing standardized and comparable data to support the formulation and evaluation of science and technology policies in the region” indicated Betancourt.

“These indicators help organizations and governments track progress, allocate resources and make informed decisions to foster technological innovation and advancement,” he added.

In this sense, he explained that the manual presented at the regional committee was prepared by Venezuelan experts in the field, and stated that this text represents a “significant advance in the systematic evaluation of science, technology and innovation activities and their applications in the country".

The president of Oncti described the presentation of this initiative by Venezuela at Ricyt as “pioneering,” since it “highlights several key points of importance.”

What does the manual presented by Venezuela establish?

Among the points erected in the manual are the specific needs in the context of Venezuela, ensuring that the indicators are directly relevant and applicable to the scientific and technological landscape of the nation.

At the same time, Dr. Betancourt assured that personalized metrics contribute to the establishment of more precise evaluations that ultimately benefit and strengthen decision-making in favor of the Venezuelan people.

“The presentation of this manual at a Ricyt meeting encourages regional and international collaboration by providing a framework that can be adopted or adapted by other countries, improving comparability and comparative evaluation throughout Ibero-America,” stressed Betancourt.

During his presentation, he noted that with the presentation of this manual, Venezuela is “positioning itself as líder of R&D development potentially inspiring other nations to develop their own customized metrics and measurement tools.”

In addition, he detailed that the text was already validated in the National Research and Development Data Collection Campaign 2023 in Venezuela and was also applied in the National Survey of Public Perception of Science and Technology 2023.

This represents “a great step forward in the regional effort to improve science and technology metrics, boosting our progress and social competitiveness on a global level,” he said.

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