Venezuela is a priority for the Covid vaccine

Venezuela's needs are a priority

Once the World Organization (WHO) approves the Asian giant's vaccine against Covid-19, the South American nation and especially Venezuela for its good relations, will be a priority for the supply of vaccines, reported the ambassador of the People's Republic of China in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Li Baorong.

For his part, he highlighted the positive aspects of the alliances between the two countries, "given the excellent relations between China and Venezuela, we will continue to be united in this battle and we will continue these cooperations, so I am sure that when the vaccines are approved - Venezuela will be considered as a priority because of the vaccination needs in the country, ”Baorong assured.

Support from the Asian giant

Venezuela, since the first infections were registered last March, has been the recipient of nine shipments with multiple medical supplies from the Asian country; In the last one, more than 274 tons of equipment, supplies and medicines against the coronavirus were received for the protection and support of all the Venezuelan people. “The cooperation between both nations has always been mutual, highlights the ambassador. At the beginning of the year, when the first outbreak of COVID-19 began in China, we have received strong support from both the Government and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, ”said Baorong.

The ambassador stressed that they continue to work to be able to contribute with Venezuela, and with other countries that have the needs to fight a battle in all countries and achieve the final victory, it means that if in China we control the contagion of the pandemic, “it does not want to say that we are in victory, by no means, that is why we need cooperation, the union of all humanity in this battle to achieve the final victory ”, he assured.

On the other hand, the Asian giant will carry out in 2021 the application of the Economic and Social Development Plan for Venezuela, with the intention of strengthening peace, stability and social and economic development.

Likewise, both countries are willing to make an effort, following the consensus reached by both leaders for the well-being and relations of both countries.