They request equipment for the CDI of Sierra Maestra

Neighbors of January 23 want to improve the CDI Iris Pino

The residents of the 23 de Enero parish, in the Libertador municipality, led by the Sergio Rodríguez Revolutionary Collectives front, call on the authorities of the National Government to equip the Ibis Pino Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) , located in the Sierra Maestra sector.

They point out that this health center has been selected as a sentinel center on January 23, for the care of covid-19 patients and that at the moment it has some flaws, among them, the most important is the lack of equipment to perform the radiology studies, which are necessary for patients with the virus.

Likewise, the neighborhood representatives indicated that the CDI also requires other medical supplies, as well as cleaning and protective equipment.

They added that they require an ambulance to be able to transfer patients to sentinel hospitals, because the vehicle they have is inoperative due to lack of various spare parts.

They recalled that in compliance with health protocols, people who test positive for covid-19 should be transferred to care centers, especially if they have symptoms such as fever and respiratory problems, in which case it is not advisable to use public transport.

They explained that currently the Diego Santana CDI, which cares for patients from Sucre parish, and is located in zone E, is in the process of rehabilitation, for which people who require care are referred to the Ibis Pino CDI.

In addition, the residents of the parish 23 de Enero request the provision of prevention brigades so that they collaborate with disinfection operations in the busiest public areas, such as public transport stops, commercial areas, supplies, warehouses, parking lots , commercial and ambulatory.

They maintain that just as it has been done in the other parishes, the neighbors are forming the communal public works brigades (Bricop), which would be in charge of carrying out the disinfection processes in the communities, the inner neighborhood and the blocks.

Neighbors took the opportunity to thank the efforts made by health workers, both from the CDI Ibis Pino, and from all health care centers in the country, for the care offered to patients.



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