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They publish a protocol to follow in the event of sexual abuse in churches

Archdiocese of Caracas reported that complaints regarding abuses of power to the detriment of the parishioners will be received through denuncias@arquidiocesisdecaracas.com

The Archdiocese of Caracas approved a protocol aimed at preventing abuses against children, adolescents and vulnerable people within the Catholic Church.

“It is prescribed, from the Vatican and each of the dioceses and parishes, to have a protocol, a document that indicates what you can, at any given time, file a complaint for abuse of power, sexual abuse or abuse of conscience, for any reason that you feel completely free to do so,” indicated Cardinal Baltazar Porras, Metropolitan Archbishop of Caracas.

Baltazar Porras added that “if you have a formal, documented and supported complaint, please contact the email: denuncias@arquidiocesisdecaracas.com.”

Likewise, the archbishop of the Archdiocese of Caracas committed to supervise compliance with this protocol and ensure that all clerics and pastoral agents are aware of their obligations in the protection of the most vulnerable, according to a press release from the archdiocese.

It is worth highlighting the objective of this measure is to prevent conflict situations and take appropriate measures against any form of sexual abuse that may occur.

Regarding the protocol, this includes the creation of an archdiocesan commission for the protection of minors and vulnerable people, as well as the training of professionals on the identification and prevention of abuse. Likewise, measures are established to guarantee the protection of minors and transparency in all pastoral activities.

In addition, a code of conduct was implemented for clergy, religious and lay people who provide services in ecclesiastical environments, with the objective of establishing preventive actions and promoting safe environments. This code includes guidance on appropriate and inappropriate conduct, as well as measures for attention, reprimand and sanction for non-compliance with the rules.

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