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They provide road safety education to Caracas students

The INTT talks had a practical and participatory approach to stimulate ease of understanding

The students of the Liceo Urbaneja Achelpohl in Caracas received traffic education talks from officials of the National Institute of Land Transportation (INTT).

The entity published a clip on its account on the social network learning through fun dynamics.

Speakers developed these briefings with a practical and participatory approach, ensuring that road safety concepts are accessible and understandable to all participants.

This initiative highlights the importance of collaboration between government institutions and educational communities to promote a culture of prevention and care on the roads, with the aim of having safer streets for everyone.

Likewise, with the idea of ​​promoting educational development and guaranteeing the safety of children throughout the country, the talks were designed to equip young students with the knowledge necessary to navigate public roads safely and responsibly.

With these actions, the INTT and the Ministry of Defense promote a road safety education project that is not only an essential tool for the safety of students, but also a fundamental pillar for the construction of a more conscious and harmonious society.

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