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They have distributed 20.000 tons of proteins

In Caracas, 540 community wineries have been activated

The national government has distributed, in this month of May alone, some 20.000 tons of proteins, through different operations, open-air markets and the Campo Soberano fairs, among other mechanisms, to benefit Venezuelan families, especially in the popular sectors.

This was reported by the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, during her tour of the Campo Soberano Fair, which was held in the Villa Mauria community, located in the Catia area, Sucre parish, in the Libertador municipality, in whose activity they benefited about 400 families.

He indicated that the distribution of the protein was carried out following the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro, who has as one of his priorities guaranteeing food sovereignty, both in the quality of the products and in the accessibility of prices, promoting good nutrition with the 4S, of eating healthy, tasty, safe and sovereign.

Rodríguez commented that the need to change the rentier oil model, as well as the sanctions and blockade, has allowed Venezuela to “exploit all our potential and productive capacities.”

Accompanied by the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Mélendez, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez also pointed out that they carried out supervision of the Mi Bodega Plan. “There are already 540 warehouses in the Libertador municipality, which can offer consumers discounts of up to 40% on items, thanks to the elimination of intermediaries and the direct supply that is carried out through Inmerca, with credits from the Bank of Venezuela” .

The residents of the Bolívar neighborhood of Petare, Sucre municipality, also benefited from a Campo Soberano Fair, with the sale of meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and other products.

Mayor José Vicente Rangel and María Collante, spokesperson for the Commune Unidos por Bolívar, reported that a medical operation and cultural activities were also carried out.

In the Bolívar neighborhood of Petare they also benefited

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