They demand to repair holes in highway exit

Drivers ask for the presence of the hollow-cover squad. Photo: Olga Maribel Navas

Drivers who travel daily on the Gran Cacique Guaicaipuro highway (former Francisco Fajardo highway) in an east-west direction request the authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Libertador municipality, the Government of the Capital District and the Ministry of Public Works to proceed to repair the embrasures that They have formed at the exit that leads to San Martín Avenue, at the height of the Concepción Palacios maternity hospital.

Jhonny Pérez works as a food delivery person in a fast food restaurant and points out that he must continually go through this route.

“I use the Guaicaipuro highway a lot, to take orders on my motorcycle to the San Juan parish, specifically to San Martín avenue, and I, as well as other motorists, must be very careful because in all the exits of this expressway there are some gaps that They have caused more than one accident,” he said.

They informed us that some drivers, residents of the place, have tried to remedy the situation by placing sandbags in the pockets, but the rudimentary repair has been of no use, because when it rains the land turns into a swamp or is washed away, so which the gaps reappear.

Guillermo Rojas lives in a residence on San Martín Avenue and points out that he uses the highway exit every day to access San Juan.

“Each day those embrasures are bigger, there are holes in the two streets into which the road divides at the beginning of the main street of San Juan, not only do private cars pass through there, but also food delivery trucks, trucks that transport gasoline to service stations and many ambulances that are destined for the Military Hospital and the maternity hospital, it is necessary to offer maintenance, repair that important road,” Rojas said.

The drivers indicate that the vehicles suffer damage, especially in the front end and the tires, whose repairs, they say, are very expensive.

They warn that the passage through this road becomes dangerous, at night or when it rains, because it reduces visibility on the road.

They indicate that they have obtained information about the hole-filling squad, created by the Government of the Capital District, whose authorities are asking them to carry out an inspection on this section of the Guaicaipuro highway, so that its repair can be carried out.



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