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They deliver a recovered outpatient clinic in La Guaira

They will serve more than 700 families from Colinas de Zamora in Catia La Mar

Some 700 families from Colinas de Zamora, in the Catia La Mar parish, will benefit from the delivery of the Dr. Carlos Guillén outpatient clinic, which was completely rehabilitated.

The Government of La Guaira, with the support of the Military Community Brigades (Bricomiles), carried out the work of laying asphalt, waterproofing, frieze, painting, installation of sanitary parts, recovery of the gardening area and, in addition, they delivered health equipment , furniture, air conditioners and medical supplies.

The governor said that "within the framework of the Great Mission of Equality and Social Justice we are opening this health center that was completely rehabilitated thanks to the Bricomiles created by President Nicolás Maduro."

The clinic will work from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 noon. In the afternoons, community visits will be made to patients who cannot travel to the healthcare center.
Prenatal, well child, elderly and general medicine consultations are held on Mondays. While on Tuesdays they carry out consultations for adolescents who require primary health care.

They will also offer family planning and monitoring for older adults.

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