They carry out screening of the covid-19 in the parish January 23

Medical brigades have been deployed to search house-to-house for suspected cases

The head of Government of Caracas, Nahum Fernández, led the screening day to prevent the spread of covid-19 that was carried out in the El Mirador sector of the January 23 parish.  

Fernández indicated that a parochial political team, and social movements, as well as brigades of Cuban and Venezuelan doctors participated in the activity. "We have made a deployment in 64 places of the territorial axes of the city of Caracas," said the official.

Likewise, he highlighted the commitment assumed by the population when complying with the biosafety measures established by the Bolivarian Governments to contain the advance of COVID-19. "We have investigated the dynamics of the rapid test," said Fernández, explaining that there was a house-to-house accompaniment in the area.

The head of Government of Caracas commented that the progress of those who overcame the disease was also evaluated, applying postcovid therapy, while disseminating relevant information to the community about the need for precaution, after “the new (Brazilian) strain arrived in Venezuela which has a higher viral load ”.

Fernández called on the population to continue complying with biosafety protocols and, in the event of presenting any symptoms, immediately go to the nearest care center to receive the required treatment. 



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