They carry out cultural take in the Coche parish

Children participated in sack racing competitions.

In order to bring fun, culture and improve the processes of coexistence among neighbors, as well as promote policies for crime prevention, in the La Laguna sector, located at kilometer two of the Pan-American highway, in the Coche parish, of the Libertador municipality, a cultural takeover was made.

Jenny Colores, coordinator of the Búfalo Hip Hop Dance Foundation, was one of the organizers of the event, which also had the support of the Moto Pirueta foundations, led by Denis Jaime, and Cine en la Calle, the spokespersons of the El Progreso Community Council. de la Laguna, among other people who joined the activity.

“The organizers of the cultural takeover know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the daily lives of people from popular sectors, especially children who have stopped going to school, to parks to avoid contagion of the disease, but we also understand that the little ones require spaces for enjoyment and fun, which is why we decided to carry out this cultural take, which among other things also served to improve citizen coexistence in the area ”, said Colores.

Traditional game championships, such as sack, ball and ball races, as well as lightning basketball and foosball competitions, modern dance exhibitions, inflatable mattresses, trampolines, were also part of the activities.

Sumisa, spokesperson for the El Progreso de la Laguna Community Council, said that they had not wanted to do any type of activity due to the pandemic. "It is the first time that we are active in our sector to carry out this cultural shot, which offered excellent results, not only for seeing the happy faces of the children, but also for seeing the joy of the neighbors to see each other again," he said. .

At the event, those present also had the opportunity to share the traditional community stew, prepared by the neighbors. They also held pedagogical competitions, to learn about the preparation of children in the educational area, they also reiterated the need to comply with biosafety regulations to protect themselves from covid-19.

For his part, the coordinator of the Moto Pirueta Foundation pointed out that these events encourage young people to practice sport, to continue with their regular studies and promote coexistence.



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