They ask to finish road arrangements in San José

200 meters to go

The residents of the second street of Los Cujicitos, in Cotiza, San José parish, make a call to the authorities of the Government of the Capital District and the Mayor's Office of the Libertador municipality to complete the repair works of the street, which are paralyzed since 2009.

Fernando Llovera, Jesús Hernández and José Montaño, residents of the sector, indicated that about 10 years ago the authorities of the Government of the Capital District carried out the road improvement works, repaired the leaks, covered the embrasures and carried out the asphalting of part of the street. However, they indicated that in the end they left some two hundred meters of the work unfinished, a situation that affects vehicular and pedestrian passage and damaged the bases of the houses that are on both sides of the street.

“In these two hundred meters of the street that has not yet been repaired, there are only holes, all the asphalt has disappeared and there are a large number of leaks that affect the base of the houses and their walls that remain damp, causing the friezes and ceramics peel off, "said Llovera.

Likewise, the complainants explained that when it rains the situation is chaotic, as the embrasures fill with water and it is very difficult for drivers to avoid them, which causes serious damage to the front end of the vehicles.

They affirmed that they have information that there is a special asphalt plan in Greater Caracas and they request that their community be included in the schedule of the improvement works.



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