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They ask the Institute of Cultural Heritage to renovate petroglyph

Ecological movement requests attention for the fertility frog in Carabobo

In the Montalbán municipality of Carabobo state, they request the Cultural Heritage Institute (IPC) to repair the town's emblematic petroglyph, known as the fertility frog.

During an interview with Últimas NoticiasLucciana León, who is a member of the Montalbán Ecological Movement, reported that from space they noticed the serious condition of the also called goddess of fertility during the educational tourist visits, which were carried out between April and May, to Cerro La Copa, where there are more than 1.750 petroglyphs and a geoglyph.

He assured that many archaeological sites have considerable damage, but the goddess is among the most affected. The representation, carved on a stone, measures 50 centimeters high and 36 cm wide.

“It is called a frog because of the position it is in. She is in labor, giving birth. Currently, she is completely fragmented at the top of her head, she is decapitated,” she pointed out.

León explained that the deterioration of the figures is due to various factors such as intentional forest fires, indiscriminate grazing and inappropriate practices in the area. In this sense, he pointed out that, together with the Social Movement of the Puente Sur Peoples and the Red Selva Nublada, they decided to report the situation to the IPC and request that an archaeologist visit the area to evaluate and determine the best technique for the recovery of the important petroglyph that is the symbol of the municipality's flag.

Likewise, they request that exhaustive tours be made of the more than 17 stations of Cerro La Copa, where the archaeological samples are located. This with the purpose of quantifying, documenting, taking original tracings and making videographic records of them, as well as verifying and evaluating the current state of access to the facilities, located between the Montalbán River and the El Peñón ravine.

The member of the ecological movement, founded and directed by Alí Marvez, expressed the need to develop a comprehensive plan for the protection and maintenance of the petroglyphs and the geoglyph in the area. She explained that the program should include specific recommendations for the preservation of archaeological remains, considering the active participation of community residents and volunteer personnel.

He stated that the IPC should provide courses and workshops for the local population and organizations, especially everything related to the issue of the deposits and the techniques for their care. He added that they make this request because in the municipality there are people who still do not know about this local and national historical heritage.

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