Peace Quadrant is activated at the Terminal La Bandera in Caracas

This Friday a Road Peace Quadrant was activated at the La Bandera Terminal, in Caracas, with projection towards the Nueva Granada distributor, informed the Minister of Popular Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Carmen Meléndez, through a post published in Twitter

«With the activation of this new Peace Quadrant, we added 123 in Caracas, for a total of 2.398 throughout the national territory. Our people can feel safe in the Terminal La Bandera, an important point of entry and exit from the city, ”said Meléndez.

The also Sectorial Vice President for Citizen Security and Peace, stressed that this Quadrant will have the unified action of the Bolivarian National Police, Libertador Municipal Police and the Zone Command No. 43 of the Bolivarian National Guard.

He specified that Citizen Security officials will be available to the people seven days a week, 24 hours a day, in a task that will also be joined by the National Anti-Drug Command of the Bolivarian National Guard.



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