The new school year 16-2021 starts on September 2022

This Tuesday, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the new school year begins on September 16 with the preparation of the teaching staff, with a view to the start of face-to-face classes in October.

During the celebration of the 18 years of the Sucre Mission, the head of state assured that through a work plan prepared by the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, educational activities could begin in October .

He assured that the process will be carried out through the 7 + 7 method in order to gradually integrate students and teachers to the country's classrooms.

«Este programa que tiene 10 líneas de acción será explicado a los padres, representantes, maestros, a las federaciones de estudiantes y a todo el sector universitario», dijo.

He asked to give support to the Minister of Education Yelitze Santaella in order to be able to return to classes, and recalled that the vaccination of all educational personnel in the country must be guaranteed.

He also said that at the end of this month vaccines will be available for children between 3 and 12 years old.



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