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Scientists have renovated residences for their research

With a comprehensive restoration they reinvigorate the Miranda Residences project in the Venezuelan Scientific-Technological Pole

With the aim of continuing to consolidate Venezuelan science, the Government re-promotes, through the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Miranda Residences project in the Venezuelan Scientific-Technological Pole, through a thorough restoration of the facilities located in the Institute of Advanced Studies Foundation (IDEA) in Sartenejas, Baruta municipality, Miranda state, refers note of the institution.

Víctor Cano, technical director of the Engineering Institute Foundation, located at the headquarters of the Scientific Pole, explained details of the initiative.

“At its inauguration it was proposed as a space for scientists to come and stay here for a while to carry out studies in the different laboratories of the research center. “We are currently undergoing a deep restoration of the entire building to place it at the service of the Venezuelan scientific hub,” he said.

He explained that this space is available to “all scientists and researchers from our country, Venezuela, as well as from the region and the world who want to come to these facilities to carry out their work in the different laboratories that make up the Scientific Pole such as the IDEA and the Engineering Institute.”

Accommodation for more than 50 scientists

Miranda Residences is made up of 26 rooms with the capacity to accommodate two people per room.

"With these residencies we will be supporting 52 researchers who can reside for a few days while they do their scientific work within the different research and development centers that we have here," he said.

Cano explained that the rooms have a bed, closet, nightstands and individual bathrooms; In addition, tenants will have laundry rooms and a new 5 thousand liter water system, “that is, we will always have water service guaranteed,” said Víctor Cano.

Among the works carried out at the Scientific Pole is the creation of spaces for recreation such as fields, living rooms for debate and discussion between researchers.

Global development of science

For Cano, the most important thing about the Miranda Residences project is that it is “part of a global development of science and technology through the firsts that our president Nicolás Maduro has given us of giving laboratory spaces not only to the scientist. to do their analysis, but also that they are guaranteed comprehensive care, that they have spaces where they can be comfortably, rest; That is, in a comprehensive manner, give all the benefits to Venezuelan and foreign scientists,” he said.

The conditioning of these spaces was possible thanks to the policies implemented by the Bolivarian Government through Mincyt and its affiliated entities such as the IDEA Foundation, the Venezuelan Scientific-Technological Pole and the Engineering Institute.

For 20 days, more than 70 workers managed to create a space in optimal conditions for the scientific community.

“Not only was it an aesthetic restoration of paint or decoration, but we restored all the drinking water systems, sewage systems, electrical systems, fire control systems, lighting systems (…) it was a comprehensive rehabilitation of the entire building,” Cano remarked.

Spaces for science and development

As part of the National Government's policies to strengthen science and technology in the country, more than 12 buildings within the Venezuelan Scientific-Technological Pole were renovated, said Víctor Cano.

“All of these spaces have been renovated; We have also paved all the internal roads with more than 2 tons of asphalt, we have restored all the external and internal lighting systems of the building and the facades have been completely recovered,” he highlighted.

Likewise, he pointed out that progressively with the support of the Bolivarian Government through the Ministry of Science and Technology, “we are going to recover 100% of all these buildings that belong to the Venezuelan Scientific-Technological Pole so that they are pleasant spaces for our scientists. The idea is, as our president Nicolás Maduro has asked us: to always have everything in accordance with the needs of our people and especially the scientific sector of Venezuela.”

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