Public Ministry donates medical supplies to military hospitals

In order to strengthen the national health system, the Public Ministry donated 3 million 65 thousand 264 units of surgical medical supplies to the Vicente Salias Sanoja and Carlos Arvelo military hospitals, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Caracas.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, stressed that it is the fourth donation made by the Public Ministry during his administration and that it includes macro drippers, injectors, nebulization kits for children and adults, obturators, surgical adhesives and catheters, among others, valued at 1 million 530 thousand 855 dollars.

The first donation was made on November 28, 2019. "That day we delivered material and equipment worth $ 5 million," said the head of the Public Ministry.

With this latest delivery "a total of 5 million 8 thousand 158 units of supplies and medical surgical equipment delivered are completed, with an accumulated value of 13 million 630 thousand 855 dollars," he said.

The Prosecutor reported that the donated materials and equipment were seized from a conglomerate of companies called Grupo +58, which illegally sold gold material through a company called VDV MINERALES and, after the investigations carried out by its dispatch, it was determined that those responsible for this company falsified a license from the BCV to carry out the sale of gold.

Saab highlighted that among the businesses that this business group carried out, was the importation of surgical medical material, which they had hoarded in a warehouse located in the Boleíta urbanization, in Caracas, all of this to later market it abroad, with the companies named Off Shore and +58 CA

"For this reason, on July 28, 2020, an arrest warrant was requested against Luis Manuel Franco Martín, Brayan Fekete Corser and Luis Franco De Aveiro," he said.

Tarek William Saab highlighted that the Public Ministry “is an institution that guarantees justice and human rights. Actions like this ratify it, they have a lot of value. We know the limitations resulting from the sanctions of foreign powers against our country ”so“ it is a justice action undertaken by the Public Ministry for the benefit of the health of all Venezuelans ”.



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