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President Maduro visited affected areas of Cumanacoa

Merchants and entrepreneurs will be given belongings and financing to replenish their businesses.

“I have seen areas where water still does not reach.” President Nicolás Maduro's claim was presented during a brief meeting at the Presidential Command Post installed in cumanacoa since last Tuesday when prolonged rains filled several populated areas of the Montes municipality, Sucre, with mud.

“A very important percentage has been recovered but the water intakes were destroyed,” Maduro commented after finishing the visit to affected areas.

“My commander, we recovered the water treatment plant 100%,” answered the Minister of Water Rodolfo Marco Torres. “But when will everything be 100%,” asked the Head of State. “He is already 100% recovered,” repeated the Minister who was stopped by Maduro when he specified it with a question. “But when does water get to people?” he asked. “It's already coming to him…” Marco Torres responded. “One thing is the center and another is the surrounding towns, it has to reach everyone,” Maduro claimed.

In relation to financing for merchants and entrepreneurs, Maduro indicated that the recently approved one million dollar fund will serve for the reconstruction of those sectors. But he ordered that it be done expeditiously, without “demanding papers here, papers there.”

The President told merchants and entrepreneurs that the Government is going to support them twice: help to replace the shelves, refrigerators, refrigerators and the financing intended to replenish the business, as he witnessed Últimas Noticias during the tour he took with President Maduro.

The president stressed that Major General Nayade Lockiby is the one who holds all authority in the Montes municipality. Maduro denounced that “the stateless right has tried to manipulate a natural emergency situation.”

The President said that this sector of the opposition is part of the irrationality. “In the face of irrational people, firmness, work and results,” responded the president.

Once the meeting with social ministers inside the tent of the Presidential Command Post was over, Maduro went out into the street, grabbed a megaphone and spoke in front of the crowd that surrounded the site.

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