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Mobility and Transportation Brigades maintain deployment in Caracas

In order to minimize risk factors, the Mobility and Transportation Brigades, together with the Mayor's Office of Caracas, through the Caracas Transportation Institute (Intrac), Libertador Civil Protection, Caracas Police, National Police and the Socialist Party Kingdom of Venezuela (PSUV), they remain deployed at the prioritized stops of the different parishes of the city to alert and exhort the population about the importance of complying with biosecurity measures, as the most effective prevention mechanism against COVID -19, in this case when making use of transport units because they are spaces with a high risk of contagion.

The president of Intrac, Xiomara Toro, directed the inspection at stops that register a large influx of people, such as the Rental Zone of Plaza Venezuela, where the routes of Las Adjuntas, La Vega, Antímano, Caricuao, El Paraíso are located. , San Martín, as well as the passage of different lines to Petare and different areas of the east, VTV refers.


"The call we make to our people is not to lower our guard, we are making a great effort to guarantee the conditions that allow the chains of contagion to be cut, but it is necessary that citizens take particular measures to fight this virus together," said Toro. .

For her part, the brigadista of the El Recreo parish, Zuleyma Garrido, specified that in Caracas the majority of the population is receptive and understands the risks of the virus.

He pointed out that daily controls are carried out regarding the use of the mask, disinfection before boarding the transport units and the need to maintain physical distance.