Medicinal garden inaugurated in Ali Primera park

Users can visit it in the week of flexibility

New spaces are open for the enjoyment of the capital's public despite the pandemic; These are already adapted to the new normality that the country is going through, this is what the team of the National Institute of Parks (Inparques) did with the inauguration of the therapeutic garden Que Té con Té.

This innovative space is located in the facilities of the Alí Primera recreation park, near the vicinity of the Gato Negro Metro station, Sucre parish. The vice minister of environmental management and president of Inparques, Josué Lorca, commented to the team of Últimas Noticias that the initiative was born from the idea of ​​President Nicolás Maduro to educate the entire Venezuelan population in the correct use of medicinal herbs in the face of the pandemic.

The Inparques team materialized this idea in a simple and pedagogical way "about the practicality, usefulness and use of ancestral medicine."

In this sense, the personnel who live in the space prepare different infusions with plants to treat respiratory diseases, fever, muscle aches, among others.

Users can take a tour of the phytotherapeutic garden or medicinal garden, where they can see the different medicinal herbs and learn about their different uses, including how to improve the immune system.

All the plants present in the space are grown inside the Alí Primera nursery - Mamá Pancha Urban Agriculture Station, where visitors can also purchase the plants.

He stressed that this initiative is a pilot plan that they plan to install in the main parks of the country, which "is also complemented as a socio-productive idea for the minor maintenance of the same park."

That Tea with Tea is attended by nurserymen of the park, they offer attendees an induction talk about the medicinal plants that are in the space.