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Maduro will inform this Thursday new proposals for the GMVV

He indicated that after the proposals of the people, the construction of decent homes is advancing

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, will announce this Thursday new advances and proposals for the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV).

This was announced by the national president through his Twitter account in which he published "The Great Housing Mission Venezuela advances without stopping for a second the construction of decent homes for the family, taking into account the proposals of the popular movement and of all our people. . Today #23Jun, stay tuned and attentive, we will have good news.

During a recent meeting at the Miraflores Palace, Caracas, with the Movement of Settlers and Settlers, the head of state stated that the GMVV must be open to the proposals presented by popular power.

Likewise, he reported that a draft Law on Social Production for Housing and Habitat will be presented to the National Assembly (AN).

In the activity, President Maduro ordered a complete review of all laws related to the housing sector, with the aim of guaranteeing the development of urban planning and avoiding illegal and arbitrary evictions, a fact that was denounced during the meeting with residents.

The GMVV was created on April 30, 2011 at the initiative of Commander Hugo Chávez, as a right to decent housing for the people, contemplated in the Constitution.


  1. Revolutionary greeting, the mature president must do as the eternal commander Hugo Chavez create again the mobile housing cabinet and grant recourse to the communal councils that carried out their housing project and completed them and delivered their settlement to the corresponding institutions, then the communal council that did not carry out Include your housing project in the QMVV so that it can carry out your project since it did not have the capacity to execute it. In my community, Bella Vista sector, Machiques municipality, Zulia state, in 2008 we were approved for 10 houses and with that resource we executed 12 houses and additional that is why we carry out other needs in our community is my comment my name is Marisol cabrera

  2. Mr. President... your idea is very wonderful and revolutionary... my name is María Bueno, I have been renting for 7 years, I live with my 12-year-old son with double special status and if I don't have a house before December of this year . the dr. Kanelma Chauran from the Barcelona Ombudsman will evict me by means of an act that I sign because I have to return the property. Help me, Mr. President ..

  3. Too wonderful that news .. mr. President, my name is María Bueno, CI: 11.422.927, I live for rent in Barcelona Edo. Anzoátegui... I have a boy with a double special condition... And Dr. Kanelma Chauran from the Ombudsman's Office made me sign an act to evict me on December 15 of this year... I'm behind on rent, I'm looking for work, it's not easy... I'm also registered by the GMVV... help me sir. President…

  4. Very good that once again they want to help with a house but I fought so hard begging and they never helped me with my two children so one already loses hope they only give to those who have 2 or 3 houses

  5. My president, I am an older adult and I need a home, I have been waiting for one for 17 years, I have the land but I do not have the resources to build, I live in Bejuma 04244405670

  6. The best thing I have heard since I am a person who currently suffers from post-traumatic stress panic attacks thanks to the treatment I received in Margarita I am currently undergoing psychological treatment since I am suffering from so many threats that Iván will take me out of the apartment with my children x everything and x nothing they lived threatening me that Iván would throw me out on the street that made me psychologically and seriously ill forever

  7. I have been waiting for the house for a long time since President Chavez and they don't call me

  8. May God grant that these proposals are truly true, because personally, I have been needing decent housing for many years, due to my condition and that of my family group, we live at high risk, my son suffers from anxiety and anguish, that is why I would like to ask the president for the award of a home of his own.

  9. I would appreciate the help you can give me for a home … I really need it I am registered in the great mission housing vzla and 0800 my home

  10. Very good, I have been waiting for a house, God willing, I live on a hill and I am afraid that where I live I will have a problem that it will fall

  11. In Yaritagua, the housing projects in Plazuela, Crr 17, Tercentenaria, among others, were not fulfilled, please, Ojo Pelao, as My Comandante Chávez used to say.

  12. All together with the popular power, we advance the revolution long live everything together only more

  13. I am a single mother, a teacher and I lived renting I am from the state of Sucre, I would like first of all, Mr. President, that you take into account the educators for decent housing and more from the state of Sucre, Bermudez Municipality, my name is Erika López C. I 20124183 my number of contact 04248622246 I want to be the beneficiary of a home, and I always ask my heavenly father to grant me my dream.

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