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Maduro ordered the duplication of machinery and personnel to rebuild Cumanacoa

He assured that the necessary financing for the comprehensive recovery of Cumanacoa will be delivered directly.

President Nicolás Maduro ordered the duplication of machinery and personnel to rebuild Cumanacoa, after his visit to the areas affected by the rains and the overflowing of the Manzanares River.

From the Montes de Cumanacoa Municipality, President Maduro assured that each and every one of the affected homes in the region will be rescued. “This is going to be a special model of house-to-house recovery,” he stated along with the people of cumanacoa.

The president also highlighted that a Presidential Command post was installed to coordinate related actions to support families in the Montes Municipality.

Under a torrential downpour, President Maduro, dressed in work boots that reached to his knees, highlighted the importance of his visit to check the recovery process and announced that the plan to relaunch cumanacoa It will be called: Hugo Chávez Project, Cumanacoa reborn and reported that it assigned M/G Nayade Solovenly Lockiby as the sole authority of Cumanacoa.

“This has to be a special recovery model and for that I put the Presidential Command post, here is the Minister of Housing, the Minister of Infrastructure, here are the Civil Defense, Civil Protection personnel, who have saved lives from the first moment,” he said.

He commented on the need to work up the mountain to prevent structurally, with works like those carried out in La Guaira, “because this phenomenon tends to repeat itself every 10 years due to climate change.”

Maduro visited some of the affected houses where people approached him to comment that they lost not only their belongings such as mattresses and appliances, but also their papers such as identification card or driver's license, so the president ordered M/G Lockiby order the installation of special days for this. Likewise, he asked the Minister of Health for days to replace glasses for the inhabitants, since many people told him that they lost them after the events.

“Some crazy person from the right came out to say that those rains that fell were because of Maduro, those people hate and are deceivers by trade, here we are going to recover completely, the important thing is that life was preserved, you are alive and the material is recovered. I came here to see everything with my eyes and to accelerate the plans, rest assured that as we saw Tovar reborn, which was left under the stones, and as we saw Tejerías reborn, Cumanacoa will be reborn sooner rather than later,” he said.

In one of the homes where he entered, he drank Sucrense coffee and received blessings after a Christian prayer made to him by a little lady, who placed her hand on the head of the president and in her prayer asked God for his protection.

With megaphone in hand, he addressed the population and pointed out that: “the first thing was to save everything that could be saved, do the census, know the needs, get water, electricity, food, get the equipment. Now we are going to clean everything, to recover, to rebuild. House by house we have to recover. God gives us tough tests in life, but we are made for these tests and more,” he expressed, highlighting the perfect union between the People and the Government to overcome difficulties.

Maduro during his visit to the Montes Municipality in Cumanacoa, with boots
of work and megaphone in hand, sent a message to those affected in the
Montes Municipality / Presidential Press

“Cumanacoa will be reborn,” Maduro declared during his visit to the Montes municipality, whose population received him en masse. “Tejerías was completely destroyed, the destruction was terrifying and I said Tejerías was going to be reborn and it was reborn. Here the damage is more widespread in the territory, but I also tell you that Cumanacoa will be reborn and we will overcome this situation. There are many things to do in this first stage, cleaning and recovering the spaces, but we will achieve it,” he expressed.

No to bureaucracy, direct financing

Improvised Presidential Command Post in Cumanacoa /Prensa Presidencial

The president also emphasized the need to avoid bureaucratic processes for the delivery of financing in Cumanacoa and recalled the success of the special fund that was created for the recovery of Las Tejerías.

“We cannot be demanding papers here and there, it must be quick, direct financing. The merchants of the municipal market, the entrepreneurs, the bakers, the grocers, must know that they are going to have double help, one for the recovery of their belongings such as: mattresses, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, shelves, which are on the way, as well as that of financing, cash, so that they invest, with the absolute ease of giving it now and in the best conditions, which you know only a socialist government can give.”

Earlier, the Sectoral Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez, through his official account on the social network the risk variables, given the effects caused by the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

“With these inputs, there will be a risk map, as well as the details for hydraulic works, housing and infrastructure, as part of the comprehensive deployment of the Revolutionary Government, in all aspects of attention towards the new Cumanacoa,” said the also Minister of Planning. .

On July 8 of this year, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the inhabitants of Cumanacoa who were victims of the storm's impact received a Special Emergency Bonus, like the one given to those affected by the Las Vegas landslide. Weaving in 2022.

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