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First Meeting of Entrepreneurs for Caracas Joven began

The GDC initiative offers training to youth on how to start a business or entrepreneurship

With the purpose of training youth on how to start a business or entrepreneurship, the first meeting of Entrepreneurs for Young Caracas began this Tuesday.

This was reported by the head of Government of Caracas (GDC), Nahum Fernandez, through a series of messages published on his account on the social network X, in which he explained that the training process consists of four modules that will be developed throughout each meeting.

“We participated in the 1st. Meeting of Entrepreneurs for Young Caracas, a fruitful activity that took place in the @gobdecaracas Gallery Hall located in front of Plaza Bolívar in Caracas, published on the social network.

Likewise, he noted that this first Meeting will take place until Friday, May 24.

In the month of February, the Great Young Venezuela Mission was born, under the motto “Dream it, create it, live it,” which seeks to serve more than 5 million 300 thousand young people, in a first stage, AVN reports.

This new great mission aims to provide youth with opportunities in areas such as education, science and technology, production, work and entrepreneurship, culture, recreation and partying, health, physical activity and sports, life project and social protection, communication and social networks, organization and participation.

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