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Hidrocapital replaces 192 meters of pipe in El Valle Parish

With the work carried out by the people of the institution, more than 16 thousand inhabitants of the popular area were benefited

The replacement of 192 meters of steel pipe to supply drinking water to 4 communities in the Jardines de El Valle was carried out thanks to the 1×10 of the Good Government and the organization of Popular Power, as stated in a press release published in the Hidrocapital account X.

In addition to the replacement of the 192 meters of 8-inch steel pipe, engineers, technicians and workers from Hidrocapital were deployed in the El Valle parish, within the framework of the Cayapa Plan, carrying out sewer cleaning, home reconnections, repair of breakdowns, among other actions to serve 16 inhabitants.

“We are reaping what we have sown. Our commune: Land of free women and men, which brings together 13 communal councils, has been our meeting point to debate and create projects that benefit our community and today they become a reality with the replacement of 192 meters of drinking water pipes, thanks to the team of professionals at Hidrocapital and the policies implemented by our president Nicolás Maduro,” said the head of UBCH, Fabiola Carmona.

On this occasion and thanks to the 1×10 of the Good Government, the organized communities of the streets: 8, 9,12, 18 and XNUMX of the Jardines de El Valle, Libertador municipality, obtained a quick and effective response from the Hydrological Department of the Capital Region (Hidrocapital).

With the 1 x 10 of Good Government, cases reported through line 58 are attended to simultaneously throughout the national geography.

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