StartLifeHigh school graduates learn productive trades on January 23

High school graduates learn productive trades on January 23

There are courses in baking, blacksmithing, poultry farming and more.

Promoting the training of the youngest is one of the main tasks of the educational institutions together with the community organized in the 23 de Enero parish of the Libertador municipality, in Caracas, in order for the kids to learn productive trades that add to the plan of country development.

Under this idea, they run the Productive Bachelors program at the metalworking training center of the National Institute for Training and Socialist Education, located in zone E of 23, where they have the support of the Tres Raíces Foundation.

The coordinator of the Heyker Vásquez training center, Eudi Otaiza, said that to date they have trained more than 450 high school graduates in different trades such as bakery, blacksmithing, agriculture, computing, turning, metrology, as well as raising pigs and chickens in the urban area.

He added that they are taking steps to include other training workshops.
He explained that the program is offered in both public and private high schools in the area and that they have obtained excellent receptivity among students, teachers, parents, and representatives.

"Students, in addition to obtaining their bachelor's degree, also receive a trade certification, which can be the basis for starting a business," said Otaiza.

Among the group of students are José Sojo, Ely Tovar and Kari Conde, who are trained in the area of ​​metrology and are grateful for the support to train in a productive area.

“We have high-tech equipment and teachers of excellent academic quality,” said Kari, a fifth-year high school student at the Martín J Sanabria School.

They call on young people to join this initiative to learn a trade.

Public and private high school students are served.

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