Hallas appear on the sales lists


As is tradition, in December there is no shortage of popular Hallacas on the tables of Venezuelan families, and less than two months to start the Christmas festivities, despite the covid-19 pandemic, they are already present with a strong advertising boom in chat groups and social networks.

In the context of the health crisis, this dish of Venezuelan gastronomy begins to be part of the resolve of many households; arises as a family entrepreneurship initiative to help cover the premieres and the Christmas bonche, also to fully recover a season in which it is customary to reinforce the family union with the typical idiosyncrasy.

This dish has also come to complement the express lunch of executives and workers, coupled with the personalized deliveries that are increasingly inserted in trade, formal and informal, in Venezuela, and represent an additional income for those who have decided to undertake this business , and practically one step away from Christmas, they reinvent themselves to relive one of the best times for Venezuelans.

On social networks such as facebook and instagram, the offer of a round between 1 and 2 dollars, or its equivalent in bolivars, per unit, although there are also combos with salads, soft drinks and breads, which do not exceed $ 5. The ingredients, prices and delivery methods vary according to the zones or regions. In Caracas, Carol Tancredi and her family sell them on request to their friends, acquaintances and through social networks, and they deliver them directly.

Following a consultation from the Últimas NoticiasTancredi asserted that they have planned to add to the menu the buns, a substitute for the saca, cheaper and very practical to make. They are advertising the offers and serving their customers, every day through @temporadadehallacas on facebook and instagram, and by whatsapp.

“Because of its quality, smell and flavor, the Halla is part of the home; The tradition in Venezuela has a Halca flavor, that is why we want to position ourselves as a reference in the last months of the year and all these digital tools give us that possibility. We are working with quite cheap combos that go from between five and six requests a day, with the expectation of getting through the season ”, he said.


The most affordable multi-person deals typically include three Hallas, two buns, and a soda for about $ 10. The double-stuffed or jumbo bun is also starting to be a fast food trend, which can be found for up to $ 1,5.

Other promotions on networks are more competitive. They take orders several days in advance, and starting at 10 Hallas and five buns, the unit is priced at $ 1, each, as for example in Naudis Darknes on Facebook. In most cases, delivery is part of the package, however, there are those who offer with an additional surcharge according to the area.

Instant messaging groups are also an environment that has facilitated the dissemination of posts, chains of individuals, businesses and families, who have decided to find a way to obtain an extra income this season or have simply rethought the work scenario due to the pandemic . In the WhatsApp group Necinos de El Llanito, for example, Hallacas are offered at $ 2, and in telegram, a channel called "Hallacas" was recently created, which offers them pork and chicken at Bs 1.600.000 and 1.500.000 from 12 Hallas.

On the other hand, some accounts on instagram, such as @ecologypartyh, are promoting a tasting plate with deliveries on weekends. They offer three promos of three Hallas for $ 5, another for four Christmas buns for the same amount, and a Christmas plate that includes Hallas, ham bread, chicken salad and baked chicken for $ 5. For all, the customer can request a liter soda with a surcharge of $ 2.

The different entrepreneurs offer the Christmas product with delivery in Caracas and the payment methods are: in bolivars, dollars to change, dollars or euros in cash, as well as transfer by Aritm, PayPal and Zelle.


The initiatives to enjoy the Hallas this December are also designed to offer families all the ingredients and implements for preparation. In this case, Ricardo Machuca, a Facebook user, published a promotion for 100 Hallas, with 500 grams of stuffed olives; another 500 of raisins; 500 capers; 200 whole onoto; two strands of wicks and four kilos of precooked flour from a recognized brand, for 5.400.000 bolivars.

In the same network, there are also advertisements such as "klarocheaquino" that sells the sheets in selected and packaged modes. Wholesale for $ 2,5 and retail for $ 3,5. Nesh Arvelo, meanwhile, offers windward leaves, packaged in three kilos for an average of 50 Hallas, at $ 2 with delivery in all areas of Caracas.

Meanwhile, on the instagram account @condimentos_plaza_real they offer the combo of a kilo of olives, a kilo of raisins, a kilo of capers, 200 grams of onoto and two units of wick thread, for $ 13.



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