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Faculty of Legal Sciences warns about academic scams on networks

Through IG, Facebook,

Given the proliferation of offers on social networks to carry out degree, specialization, as well as research work, even using the UCV logo, the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences issued a statement demanding that the University Council take a position on what constitutes an “academic scam.”

The statement signed by Dean Juan Carlos Apitz Barbera and Secretary Rómulo Rivero, specifies that appropriate measures must be taken to report social media accounts that carry out this type of activities.

Likewise, reject any commercial activity or any other nature “that leads to the violation of research and intellectual property standards and violates the principles of morality and good customs that the Universities represent.”

Likewise, the authorities agree to carry out "an information campaign to promote the appropriate use of social networks and investigative tools in order to encourage rectitude, respect and adherence to rules, morals and good customs."

They indicate that one of the pages is called: “Trabajosuniversitariosvenezuela” which is dedicated to such activities and even uses the logo of the Central University of Venezuela, which is why they demand the removal of the logo since “this constitutes a stain on our honorable institution.” .

Knowledge generator

In the statement they specify that the function of the University is to generate scientific knowledge, based on norms, morals and good customs and that the institution has different means to advise on the execution of the work.

They emphasize that “going to a third party” or company constitutes an academic scam.

Doing so constitutes an activity that violates university regulations and Intellectual Property legislation.

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