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El Tablazo reservoir levels will increase

The president of Hidrolago, Freddy Rodríguez Morales, held a meeting with the operational manager of Petroquímica de Venezuela SA (Pequiven), Yessica Martínez, in order to establish strategies to improve the supply of drinking water.

In this regard, the person in charge of hydrology explained that within the established agreements it is that, as of December 3 of the current year, continuous service will be given through the sublacustrine adduction, through the restart of a pumping equipment, which It is currently being reinstalled, to guarantee a flow of 350 liters of water per second to the El Tablazo reservoir.

In this way, the institution plans to increase the current levels to 30 meters, allowing the continuity of the production process of the companies that make up the petrochemical complex, says a press release.

"Our intention, at all times, is to offer alternatives that are in favor of the entire group, as established by the policies of the Bolivarian Government," added Rodríguez.

He also highlighted that these strategic alliances allow solving, in joint action, eventualities that could in some way affect Pequiven's production processes.