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Devotees of José Gregorio Hernández celebrate holiness

Believers of the Servant of God visit the La Candelaria church

Given the announcement of the sainthood of the doctor of the poor José Gregorio Hernández, this week his faithful devotees have been flocking to the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Sanctuary, located on Urdaneta Avenue in the Candelaria parish, in the Libertador municipality of Caracas.

Ana María Rodríguez, artisan and member of the Veleros de Candelaria, informed Últimas Noticias (UN) that every week he goes with his companions to the square, located on the outskirts of the church, to sell their religious materials to the parishioners, and that, compared to previous days, this Wednesday has seen greater mobility of people in the temple, due to the statement made on Monday by President Nicolás Maduro about the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández.

"My good sources in the Vatican have informed me that Pope Francis signed last week the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández"said the national president during his program Con Maduro +, broadcast on VTV.

Furthermore, this Tuesday, during a visit to the birthplace of the Servant of God, in Isnotú, Trujillo state, the head of state showed a video where the supreme pontiff can be seen talking with a Venezuelan priest in San Pedro Square in the Vatican, in Rome, Italy. He explained that at that moment the pope was announcing that he had already signed the canonization. An act that caused believers to come from different parts to Candelaria.

The artisan Rodríguez explained that normally people come to the sanctuary every day to pray for their health and that of loved ones or to express gratitude for a favor granted by the blessed, but “people are very motivated today (yesterday), there has been a lot of influx. Of course, even though the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela says that it is not yet official, they continue to come to ask for sainthood to be granted. That would fill Venezuelans with pride.”

Likewise, among the many parishioners who entered and left the temple, UN spoke with Juan Melo, who came with his wife from Valles del Tuy, Miranda. He pointed out that he has been devout since he was a child, since he had problems standing due to the fragility of his legs and, thanks to the requests of his mother, José Gregorio Hernández granted him the health that he maintains until now.


In 2020, the Vatican approved the first miracle of José Gregorio Hernández, verified in Yaxury Solórzano, for which he was granted the title of blessed. Currently, he is studying the second, with which the Servant of God would advance towards his holiness.

To become a saint, a miracle must be proven on a date after being beatified. Three years ago the Vatican received the second miracle of José Gregorio Hernández for the corresponding medical evaluation and thus direct it towards his canonization. This case refers to that of the Venezuelan businessman Gonzalo Morales Divo, residing in Miami, United States, who was terminally ill.

The man suffered multiple organ failure, which left several of his vital organs compromised, such as his heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Condition that led him to a coma induced by doctors to save his life and prevent a stroke.

During his stay at the health center, the patient claimed to have seen the Servant of God on two occasions. After this, he was cured without any medical explanation.

Although he had problems with coordination, motor skills and speech, he was able to partially recover.

Doctors stated that brain damage could be irreversible and irreparable. However, months later and with the help of several physiotherapy sessions, the businessman returned to walking and speaking more fluently. Today he is completely healthy.

The Archdiocese of Miami studied the miracle and after concluding the investigation, in which 16 people participated, including experts, doctors who treated the businessman and objective witnesses, sent the official results to the Vatican for review. Once they were verified and approved, the sainthood of José Gregorio Hernández would be achieved.

Steps on the way to the altar

  • 1949. The archbishop of Caracas, Monsignor Lucas Guillermo Castillo, nominated José Gregorio Hernández for beatification for the first time.
  • 1972. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints examined the doctor's report and the Vatican declared him a Servant of God.
  • 1986. The Holy See approved the document with testimonies from those who knew the Servant of God. On January 16 of that year, Pope John Paul II granted him the title of Venerable.
  • 2019. In January, the case with medical evidence of Yaxury Solórzano was delivered to the Vatican, for the study of the Venerable's intercession for her healing, after being hit by a bullet in the head and left in critical condition.
  • 2020. On January 9, the Medical Commission of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints approved the miracle attributed to his intercession with the girl wounded by a bullet in the head. This miracle was also approved, on April 27, 2020, by the Theological Commission.
  • 2021. On April 30, the official beatification ceremony takes place in Caracas.
  • 2022. Delivery of the second miracle in the Vatican, which occurred after the beatification to be evaluated, in order to approve its sanctity.


Representatives of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference are in the Vatican waiting for the document that grants the title of Saint to José Gregorio Hernández.

The president of the Conference, Jesús González de Zárate Salas, attended the Holy See, located in Rome, Italy; the first vice president, Mario Moronta; the second vice president, Ulises Antonio Gutiérrez Reyes, and the general secretary, José Antonio Da Conceicao Ferreira.


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