Newly elected deputy to the AN for Yaracuy dies of covid-19

On the afternoon of this Monday, the deputy recently elected by Yaracuy to the National Assembly Humberto Silva died, after convalescing for approximately three weeks from covid-19.

The information emerged on social networks and in the publication of the local newspaper Yaracuy al Día, which confirmed the news on its Facebook account.

The deputy had been elected on the list of the Great Patriotic Pole in the elections of December 6, the date on which he was already hospitalized due to complications derived from the disease, which compromised his respiratory tract to the point that during the last week he had to be intubated for assisted breathing.

Silva, before submitting his name to the National Assembly, had held important management positions in the regional government, mainly in the area of ​​Popular Power, where he served as state secretary for several years.

As Silva's seat in the National Assembly remains vacant, the alternate deputy who followed him on the list will now take his place, in this case Gisela Tovar, who will be sworn in along with the other five main legislators of Yaracuy on April 5. January in the hemicycle of the National Parliament.