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Daniella Cabello: “Brand Country represents what we are as Venezuelans”

The president of the Marca País Institute highlighted the advances of Venezuela in the world in a new episode of "Venezuela Mujer Podcast"

The president of the Institute Country BrandDaniella Cabello considers that this image is closely linked to the Venezuelan identity and represents “what we are as Venezuelans.”

This was stated during his participation in the third episode of “Venezuela Woman Podcast“, led by the head of the Great Venezuela Women Mission (GMVM), Dheliz Álvarez, refers to a press release from the Ministry for Women and Gender Equality.

“For me, the Country Brand is the most beautiful because it represents everything we are as Venezuelans; It is our identity, to magnify our identity and precisely we are a country that is the target of many attacks, they have looked for a thousand and one ways to make us look bad, to make us known in a negative way and it turns out that Venezuela is a country that only has good things to offer. We want to show them and for the whole world to know us for what we are,” she declared.

Likewise, the organization is in charge of promoting national tourism abroad, as well as searching for international allies and investors.

"It is state strategy, so broad and encompassing so much, is not just tourism; but it is also the production of investments, promotion of our export portfolio, of our culture and identity as Venezuelans and it is for me, of course, a pride from my space to be able to show the beauty of who we really are," Cabello highlighted.

In this sense, the president of the institute commented that recently “we held a state meeting to see the work of brands from all over the country, get to know each other, see each other face to face, know what each one does, show the products that are promoted. We are producers of coffee, cocoa, cocuy; and that in turn promotes healthy competition, also increasing domestic tourism.”

Daniela Cabello dreams of being a giant

Likewise, Daniella Cabello highlighted that Country Brand allows you to “dream big,” as it is a great “range of possibilities and opportunities.”

In this sense, he said that despite the media war of some media outlets that were responsible for selling a bad image of Venezuela, "today we can say that the rumor that sounds outside the country is not negative, people are even curious , and more and more people are approaching us who want to come and see it with their own eyes, to feel what Venezuela is first-hand.”

Loving mother, artist and passionate about politics

Daniela Cabello recounted her experience as a mother of a girl, Danna. "I always wanted to be a young mother, because my relationship with my mother is one of best friends and that is why I hope that God gives me a lot of life to be able to live it to the fullest with my daughter."

Regarding his love for music, he said that it is something that he has always liked. “I started singing with my husband who is also a singer (Omar Acedo), but my true vocation was to study, train, grow professionally, politics is something that I like too much, in fact, I am doing a master's degree in International Economics” , he said.

The section that paints the dreams of the guests together with the plastic artist Yohana González, was dedicated to painting a portrait of Juana Ramírez “La Avanzadora”, heroine of Monagas, the homeland of the guest's father.

Finally, Dheliz Álvarez concluded that Venezuelans “want a world of greatness and prosperity, where we have well-being in every sense, and where we have the true freedom to express ourselves with love and respect, as President Nicolás Maduro has achieved.”

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