Caraqueños comply with the established schedules

The establishments request the compulsory use of the mask and prudential distance | Maria Isabel Batista

Through the ordinances of the national president, Nicolás Maduro, yesterday began the week of radical quarantine of the 7 + 7 plan.

On a tour made by the team of Últimas Noticias Through the center of Caracas, Urdaneta avenue, Sucre avenue and Catia it was possible to verify how from early hours the citizens went out to make their purchases to respect the established hours, “from 7:00 am I am in the street buying food, the ideal is that at noon everyone is at home complying with the quarantine, "said a neighbor of the El Doral residences, in La Candelaria.

For its part, in Catia it was observed multiple people making bulk purchases for their small businesses, however, in some businesses there were agglomerations by buyers, “people accumulate because they want to be served quickly, in addition to that this area it is always crowded, the important thing is to wear a mask ”, declared Ramón Guerra, the manager of a wholesale food distributor.

Underground Transportation

On the other hand, the Caracas metro remained empty; Although in some western stations there was no supervision to enter, the influx was very low, “since yesterday the subway is empty, that is because people do not go out in the radical week, because in Capitolio and Parque Carabobo nobody watches the entrance ”Said Kys López.