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Caracas Mayor's Office attends to incidents due to the rains

Crews remain deployed in several Caracas parishes carrying out care and prevention measures

Before the start of the rainy season, crews from the mayor's office of Caracas They were deployed this Friday throughout the capital city to address incidents caused by rainfall.

This was reported by the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Melendez, who through his account on the social network

Multidisciplinary teams are also deployed on the Valle – Coche highway cutting the branches of a tree that fell on this important road artery as a result of the rains.

“During this Friday different reports have been attended to. Among them, the cleaning of the torrent that affected the Juan Antonio Ramón Valecillos school, in the Vista Alegre sector of El Valle, as well as the El Limón ravine, in El Túnel, Sucre parish,” the mayor also reported.

Also, the mayor's office staff cleaned and collected mixed waste from the gutter of Callejón Gómez, Block 7 of Propatria, Sucre parish, and the comprehensive weeding of the La Guepa stream, in San José de Cotiza.

The rains recorded this Thursday caused flooding in some areas of Caracas, La Guaira and Miranda, authorities and users reported on digital platforms.

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