Bus hit the defense of the El Pulpo distributor

Vehicle was on the edge of the precipice. Photo Courtesy

This Tuesday morning, a public transport vehicle that was traveling through the El Pulpo distributor on the Valle - Coche highway impacted and mounted on the defense of the upper part, after one of its tires exploded.

The first information provided by the security agencies that came to the scene, show that the incident occurred at 8:30 am, when the driver of the unit lost control of it, impacting the defense.

According to a digital media report, the driver expressed fear for his life, at the time the accident occurred, as the vehicle was swinging on the edge of the cliff, so when the security agencies arrived, the man had a nervous breakdown.

For security measures, the section of the highway was closed, while the debris was being removed, the fuel spill was channeled and the vehicle was removed from the area.

A commission from the Ministry of Transportation was presented at the site to assess the damage to the structure. It was known that the driver was traveling alone.