Biosecurity measures against covid are reinforced in Caracas markets

Integral de Mercados y Almacenes (Inmerca) so far in 2021 has carried out some 150 disinfection days in the 15 establishments of the Libertador de Caracas municipality, to prevent infections due to the covid-19 disease. In addition, they have already established new actions to reinforce the sanitary protocol in the presence of variants from Brazil in the country.

The information was disclosed in an interview with Últimas Noticias the president of Inmerca, Fernando Hernández; He said that until now, since the pandemic began, there have been no outbreaks that could be a risk factor for local spread, which is why they maintain biosecurity in these commercial areas, 14 retailers and one wholesale.

“With the measures we have taken against the covid we have a total of 29 purification chambers in the markets, and carried out at least one deep disinfection day per market each week. But in the presence of the new variant, we proceed to spray the hypochlorite on all incoming trucks, especially Coche, Guaicaipuro, Catia and Quinta Crespo ”, he specified.

They are evaluating expanding these capacities with the Gran Misión Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor so that the daily disinfection days are more profound. Now they also have brigades from the National Union of Women (Unamujer) to strengthen the daily tours to urge compliance with the measures.

In all these sites there are 6.137 commercial premises for which they have a policy of control and monitoring of the merchandise that enters, in order to ensure that sanitary protocols are complied with. However, to date, 28 have been sanctioned for breaking the rules. 

Each commercial space, daily, he said, at the end of the working day has the obligation to disinfect and "together we do the cleaning in the common areas," he said, adding that the owners have the duty to promote prevention such as the correct use of the masks, the application of the gel in the hands and the distancing.

Likewise, he detailed that 1.730 people have been captured for violating the provisions against the virus, in fact, each market enabled a classroom for awareness, he added.

The 15 markets managed by Inmeca distribute food, other products and goods to the inhabitants of the city of Caracas, as well as to part of the states La Guaira and Miranda through the wholesaler of Coche. Every month, about 57 thousand tons of merchandise enter, 22 thousand only in the largest market.

On the other hand, the average number of transactions carried out in these places is 476 thousand operations per month and 20 thousand vehicles enter, and in that sense, due to the large flow of people involved, the fight against the pandemic is prioritized, he said. Hernandez.



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