Between 8 and 12 dollars they sell ham bread in Caracas

The ham bread is a fundamental element in the dinner on December 24 and 31; However, for Venezuelans it is always appropriate to enjoy this product weeks before the end of the year celebrations. And despite the health contingency due to covid-19, Christmas bread is already being offered in bakeries, supermarkets and even by individuals among their neighbors, friends and on social networks.

This recipe is also a way of giving flavor and tradition in the country; Accompany the finds, the chicken salad, the leg and other contributions of Venezuelan gastronomy for Christmas, and among the many that exist for this season, there are options for entrepreneurs who put together their combos and are selling them on the facebook and instagram platforms .

The team Últimas Noticias noted the alternatives that have emerged recently. Some commercial premises and users such as @pandejamon_ccs have promotions on Instagram aimed at a wide audience and companies. They offer traditional breads of one kilogram and 38 centimeters, approximately.

From 15 units, the cost is $ 7,5 each, packed in craft paper bags. They are also offered with boxes decorated with personalized labels with the name of the company and the phrase that the client wishes to place, at $ 8, an operator refers after our consultation.

The boxes for the presentation of the bread have a cost of close to $ 14 for a package of 50 units, which impacts the budget calculation of entrepreneurs, and therefore, in the final offer of the product.

Likewise, this type of bread has also been observed since November in traditional bakeries. In the case of the Picadilly chain they offer it at 10 dollars.

Meanwhile, at the Danubio bakery, located in eastern parts of the capital city, the bread was increased from 13 to 16 green over the weekend.

Ham rolls

Many people have preferred to buy the ingredients to make ham bread than to buy it in bakeries or stores, since prices vary due to exchange rate speculation that is a daily imbalance. Others have stopped doing it and are migrating to the so-called "roles" that are a kind of small individual loaves with ham, which also yield and are much more practical to eat.

In Marketplace, Armando Torres exhibits one role post for $ 1 each and six for $ 5, suitable for an average family of four or five. Another offer is that of Esposos Polo Ruiz: he has three roles for only $ 1.

The ingredients for this recipe are the same as traditional bread: ham, capers and raisins in a wheat flour roll, in some cases with walnuts and almonds. Each of these elements for this preparation is common to see in the markets at the rate of exchange rate variation, as well as in the boulevards and social interaction websites.

Likewise, there is a Facebook page named Leonardo Toledo that advertises one kilogram breads for $ 10, including the presentation box, with the free delivery service in downtown areas of the Libertador municipality, Caracas.


Despite this, there are still family initiatives that aim to preserve the privileged position of this tasting at dinner. Carol Tancredi commented that the most difficult thing about making ham bread is not getting the ingredients but the costs for its preparation that result in an unattractive final price for customers.

That is why they have chosen to make the bread to use as a side to the Christmas dishes they provide, instead of selling it individually. “We entrepreneurs have as a principle to maintain a balance to preserve the business, but as prices increase it is more difficult. Between October and November the costs were more affordable, "he said.

Tancredi explained that "the intention is for the product to be economical; it is much more feasible to have a plate at $ 8 that has four components, than to sell an individual ham bread that on average costs $ 12 ”.

The entrepreneur pointed out that the types of bread she offers are: traditional; cream cheese and turkey, made with basic dough and puff pastry according to the buyer's preference. The dynamic is to promote yourself on instagram and make sales by WhatsApp.

Venezuelan tradition

The special bread stuffed with ham, olives and raisins is typical of Venezuela, and has prevailed on the Christmas table since the first decade of the 1905th century, when, according to research, it was created in XNUMX in the Ramella bakery, which was located on the corner. de Gradillas, in the center of Caracas.

The first bread only had ham and later they claim that the bakeries that competed with La Ramella began to transform the original recipe with various ingredients such as olives, capers and raisins.