864 new cases of Covid-19 are reported in the country during 24 hours

The Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information, Freddy Ñañez reported that during the last 24 hours 864 new infections were registered in the country, of which 863 were by community transmission and 1 imported case; and urged the people to maintain biosecurity measures in this week of radicalization.

Through his official account of the social network Twitter @luchaalmada, the high official detailed that 17 new deaths were counted, registering some 2.189 deaths so far. With regard to the fatalities of the day in Caracas, there were 5 deaths (3 women of 66, 70, 94 years old and 2 men of 59, 72 years old); in Sucre (3 women 75, 76, 82 years old and 1 man 88 years old); in Miranda (3 Men, 2 of 80 years and 1 of 63 years respectively); in Apure (1 56-year-old woman); in Carabobo (1 72-year-old woman); in La Guaira (1 man, 62 years old); in Trujillo (1 71-year-old woman) and in Nueva Esparta (1 51-year-old woman).

He then highlighted that “9.672 patients who are asymptomatic, 5.299 with mild Acute Respiratory Failure, 698 with Moderate Acute Respiratory Failure and 316 in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Minister Freddy Ñáñez recalled that "We started 1 more week of radicalization", for which he exhorted the people to "comply with the safeguard and biosafety measures. Let's avoid family gatherings, parties and gatherings that constitute an important contagion vector ”.

Finally, the Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information, Freddy Ñáñez thanked the Russian Federation for sending 50 thousand doses of Sputnilk V, since with this new shipment our country will be able to “continue with the different vaccination days in the prioritized sectors and thus achieve herd immunity ”.



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