858 infections by covid-19 with more cases in the Capital region

The balance of the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of covid-19 revealed this Tuesday that in the last 24 hours there were 858 new infections in the country, with more cases of community transmission in Caracas, Miranda and La Guaira.

Through her Twitter account, the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, explained that 333 patients have recovered and so far there are 998 active cases, of which 11.505 are confined in hospitals; 7.151 in Comprehensive Diagnosis centers and 3.969 in private clinics.

It also asserted that cases were detected in 15 states of the country, among which are: Caracas (222), Miranda (163), La Guaira (128), Nueva Esparta (102), Falcón (85), Barinas (45), Yaracuy (34), Carabobo (25), Apure (20), Aragua (19), Lara (6), Sucre (5), Guárico (2), Zulia (1) and Bolívar (1).

COVID19, Part Tuesday 14/09/2021 (Photo Presidential Commission)

Rodríguez added that Caracas was the entity that registered the highest number of cases in its 22 parishes: Sucre (44), San José (30), La Vega (18), El Valle (15), Caricuao (14), 23 de Enero (13), Antímano (13), El Recreo (9), Santa Rosalía (7), San Bernardino (7), El Junquito (7), San Juan (6), Coche (6), El Paraíso (5), Catedral (5), La Candelaria (4), San Agustín (3), San Pedro (2), Altagracia (2), La Pastora (2), Santa Teresa (1) and Macarao (1).

COVID19, Part Tuesday 14/09/2021 (Photo Presidential Commission)

Referring to the total number of deaths (4.228) on the 548 days of the pandemic, the Executive Vice President of the Republic affirmed that in the last hours 14 deaths from coronavirus were detected, as reflected in the reports by States: 6 in Caracas ( 3 men of 80, 36 and 34 years old and 3 women of 78, 80 and 76 years old); 3 in Barinas (2 women aged 71 and 41 and 1 man aged 61); 2 in Anzoátegui (1 89-year-old woman and 1 60-year-old man); 2 in Trujillo (1 65-year-old woman and 1 40-year-old man) and 1 in Sucre (1 70-year-old man).

Finally, Delcy Rodríguez assured that “the responsibility and conscience of all [email protected] they are essential to combat the pandemic. In these days of wide flexibility, we must not neglect biosecurity measures. Care and prevention are the antidote to guarantee the health and life of [email protected]».



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