urban agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defines urban agriculture as a set of practices that provide food and other products through agricultural production and related processes, and that are carried out on land or other spaces in cities or surrounding regions.

That is, planting or cultivating in cities, where there are not large spaces but rather small, but abundant, ones that can be used to carry out this practice, which would represent an economic and commercial alternative at the local level, allowing the progress of the communities. Uninhabited places would be occupied and converted into workplaces.

Notice something very interesting: jobs will be generated; What was grown and harvested would be sold in the same community and the economic impact would be less because it would not be bought from resellers, but directly from the producers.

The phenomenon of urban agriculture establishes an effective strategy against hunger and poverty, and also provides positive effects in times of global warming, economic war, and allows us to have a sustainable city. We must encourage this practice and be insistent so that households They adopt it as something normal.

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