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Lemon balm properties

One of them is the ability to function as a calming and sedative.

“All plants are useful for something, son,” my mother tells me every time I ask her about the medicinal properties of a plant that she doesn't know about. And so, all of them have characteristics that make them unique in nature, such is the case of lemon balm.

Other times I have written about this plant, but today I am going to dedicate the entire column to it due to the benefits it brings to the human being.

One of them is the ability to function as a calming and sedative. Consuming tea from this herb helps calm your mood and promotes sleep.

If you are one of those people who suffers from anxiety and insomnia, this is your natural option. It also serves as a home remedy to reduce cough. If you drink water with lemon balm or tea, it will help you stop coughing.

It also helps prevent migraines, this is because lemon balm is anesthetic and makes the signals reach the nervous system a little later. This causes headaches and migraines to be delayed, or even prevented entirely.

Another of its uses is that it is usually used to treat the discomfort of intestinal problems, since it allows reducing gas levels and preventing situations such as colic. In short: it is a miracle plant!

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