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They guaranteed comprehensive health to women in Lara

Great Mission Venezuela Woman held a day in communities of the Palavecino municipality in Lara

Women from the Palavecino municipality (Cabudare), Lara state, along with their families, including grandparents and children, were assisted, this Friday, June 7, in a comprehensive health day organized by the Great Venezuela Women's Mission (GMVM).

Greicys Barrios Prada, liaison of the Venezuela Women Mission in this entity, explained that mobile units equipped for health assessment were deployed, by a multidisciplinary medical staff and nurses who, with a lot of mystique, participate in the development of the days favor of the female sector and its family nucleus.

In the external area of ​​the Dorotea Navas Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) in Cabudare, capital of Palavecino, doctors, paramedics, social promoters, as well as specialists in the areas of psychology, nutrition and reproductive and sexual health were deployed.

Also participating were the liaisons of the different social missions maintained by the national Government to meet human, individual and collective needs in the educational and social protection sectors, such as the Sucre, Ribas, Robinson, and Negra Hipólita missions (to learn about and assist the cases of people on the streets).

The event this Friday, June 7, benefited the women and their family members residing in the communities and private condominiums located in El Recreo, El Paraíso and El Trigal of the José Gregorio Bastidas parish, according to Marian Herrera, director of Social Development of the Palavecinense mayor's office.

In this regard, Herrera highlighted: “the Bolivarian Government has no distinction from the Venezuelans due to their partisan positions; Social care and health assistance are organized and applied to everyone equally, health with these days of the Great Venezuela Women Mission have reached all the territories addressed with the same love and dedication of the public servants who accompany us.” .

The care was aimed at patients in the areas of gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics and general medicine.

Micaela Freitez, a member of the reproductive and sexual health program of the Lara State Health Directorate, guided Mariangel Rivero from the 6 de Enero community in the use of a type of combined oral contraceptive, who received the medication whose content is prepared with Low doses of hormones lasted 28 days, but they gave him six months.

Freitez commented that on each day of the GMVM up to 300 women are served and are educated on sexual and pregnancy matters, with the use of combined oral contraceptives, which are modern and similar to the natural hormones produced in the body of the woman.

Yordi Terán from the Health Committee of the El Recreo community contributed to organizing the patients in the nutritional area, mostly children, whose height and weight were taken and then evaluated by doctors and, in case of nutritional requirements, they were guaranteed, through from the National Institute of Nutrition (INN).

An hour after the day started, at ten in the morning about ten children had already been attended to, then the adults came. The social promoters and nutritionists also guided families on eating in a more natural way, taking into account the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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