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Santaella: The blockade affected the teachers of this country

The Minister of Education led the delivery of supplies requested through the 1x10 of Good Government, in San Carlos

The Minister of Popular Power for Education, Yelitze Santaella, highlighted that the sanctions and blockade imposed by the United States and the European Union have impacted Venezuelan families, so “today we are caring for children and young people, Despite the difficulties that we have had to experience due to the economic blockade and coercive measures, because our mission is to educate for life, to educate in values,” he highlighted.

This Wednesday, the head of the education portfolio led an event at the Eloy Guillermo González basic school, located in San Carlos, where she delivered kitchens, coolers, pots, water tanks, tables and chairs, air conditioners, utensils, among others. inputs, which were requested through the 1×10 system of Good Government, for the equipment of 117 educational institutions of the entity.

During the event, Santaella emphasized that despite these difficulties “to which we have been subjected by the same faces that today walk in the street trying to confuse, but they forgot that here there is a people that today is more educated and aware than yesterday.” , said.

He recalled that this people became conscious along with Commander Chávez, and that they revive Bolívar, “and with Bolívar the libertarian army revives, which was also made up of brave women committed to the Homeland, women who were imprisoned and lost their children, but who never “They handed over the Homeland,” he noted.

Likewise, the minister stressed that the Venezuelan people are rebellious and do not give up in the face of difficulties, "with these coercive measures they made us teachers earn a dollar, and today you listen to those same people who asked for sanctions talking about the salary of the teacher, of course he was beaten by those who requested this criminal blockade, who stole and imprisoned the resources of the Venezuelan state, who beat PDVSA and looted Citgo and destroyed it and today they intend to give classes to the noble and brave people," Yelitze highlighted. Santaella.

He denounced that some members of the Venezuelan opposition “in complicity with the empire did all this for the people to rise up, but they found a conscious people who told them: Hey, I'm in the middle of the storm; but I do not hand over the Homeland,” the minister stressed.

Finally, Santaella urged the teachers to make their reports through the VenApp so that their case is attended to by the Bolivarian Government, and that “today they have a commitment to this Country, because they have experienced hate very closely, the human misery spilled by those who have not been able to and will never be able to have the Venezuelan government again, because the people became empowered, because this is a people that respects itself and that fights for its conquests and defends them," he emphasized.

Also present at the activity were Sandra Oblitas, minister of university education and godmother of Cojedes for the 1×10 of Good Government in the region; Marlene Contreras, AN deputy; Jhon Moreno, deputy to the AN; César Hernández, director of the Center for the Development of Educational Quality of the Cojedes state, among other authorities.

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