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In Cojedes they consolidate the Network of Writers

The space in the House of Culture will serve for the meeting and debate of people with an affinity for literature

In the House of Culture Prof. Octavio Páez, the Network of Writers of the Rómulo Gallegos municipality was consolidated, the first of its kind in the state of Cojedes, which has proposed to expand the space so that people with an affinity for literature can meet and promote culture in the municipality.

This project begins with the participation of Isaac Mujica, historian and writer; Italy Salomone, teacher and poet; María Zoraida Camacho, teacher and writer; Azalea Moreno, poet; Juan Valenzuela Oviedo, writer and poet; and Héctor González, journalist, poet and writer, all natives of this municipality and with published works. 

Isaac Mujica, chronicler of the municipality, added that the Network is a work of more than 20 years that has finally come to fruition, he pointed out that the organization is designed to revolutionize and be a starting point for a literary explosion in the town, which is full of artistic expressions that have to do with writing. 

Mujica pointed out that one of the purposes of this Network is to bring each of the cultural ideas to educational institutions, starting in the coming school year, "bringing children's poetry, awakening in the child an interest in poetry, in history. , go rescuing that culture to achieve the birth of new poets, "he said.

In addition, the writer said that this achievement honors great characters in the municipality such as Octavio Páez Solorzano and Faustino "Chuchito" Morales. "We are paying honor to our teachers, to those who cared that we learn the language as best we could and that in turn we could represent them at this time," he said. 

Mujica took the opportunity to invite the locals to join this Network of Writers, noting that they will be in the House of Culture, receiving without accents or distinction those creators of lyrics and even readers, who want to add and contribute to the area. 

Approach of the veguenses to literature 

Azalea Moreno, a member of the Rómulo Gallegos Writers Network, stressed that they are working on different actions that bring people from the municipality closer to literature.  

Likewise, he spoke of the promotion and dissemination of the cultural values ​​that they try to achieve by approaching children and young people, «mainly these actions are aimed at our children, because they are the seedbed of what we want to do, of bringing people closer to the Internet and to everything that has to do with reading and writing”, he pointed out. 

"Literary ephemerides and a bank of formally printed works, enter into some of the short and medium-term purposes of the Writers Network with the vision of leaving a record and that the population can have access to it in a physical place," said Moreno. . 

During the act of formalization of the Writers' Network, the constitution act was signed, stating the writers' commitment to the idea and the promotional actions to be carried out in the communities.

Likewise, a poetry recital was presented, where each one of the members of the Network spoke about their works and dedicated verses, poems and stories to those attending the activity.

The meeting was accompanied by different personalities from the municipality, including Mayor Abraham Martín, recognized teachers, cultivators and writers from the state. Danzas Rómulo Gallegos enlivened the event with traditional and contemporary dances, which children and adults enjoyed. 

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