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Deputies speak out against actions of the Legislative Council in Cojedes

Parliamentarians allege that the actions were carried out without the consent of the people who elected their representatives

This Friday at a press conference from the house of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), located on Caracas de San Carlos Avenue, the red awning spoke out against actions taken in recent days by the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Cojedes ( CLEBC) and the Municipal Chamber of San Carlos, to illegally replace a deputy and two councilors.

Nosliw Rodriguez, deputy of the National Assembly and member of the 256th Brigade for the state of Cojedes, led the meeting where she took the opportunity to express that from this instance and from the PSUV, they will continue to accompany the people in their struggles. 

In this sense, the parliamentarian rejected all kinds of violent actions and indicated that events such as those that occurred in recent days when Juan Guaidó was taken from a food establishment in the capital of Cojeda, are a sample of the reaction of a people against those who have caused damage to the country.

Rodríguez recalled that the former deputy has requested sanctions on Venezuela on many occasions, and that they have resulted in the suffering of the population for not having access to medicines and fuel.

In addition to the recurring attacks on the electrical system and other systems necessary for the development of a country, as a result of the economic war and the media manipulation of which Venezuela has been a victim in recent years.

Likewise, he highlighted that both the Clebc and the Municipal Chamber of San Carlos acted outside the law, by substituting the deputy Karina Rojas and the councilors Orlando Martínez and Yessica Castillo.

Parliamentarians will raise complaints

It alleged that both actions were carried out without the consent of the people who elected these people as their representatives before these instances.

"One would have to ask where is the complaint made against the comrades, the complaint before the public powers of the State and nationals to apply any article against them, because until now what there is is a media show by Guaido," Rodríguez asserted. 

In this regard, Rodríguez clarified that they will go to the highest judicial instance and will introduce an amparo in the Contentious Administrative Court of Carabobo state, as it is the closest state.

He explained that Karina Rojas has recently been subjected to gender abuse, so actions will be taken in that regard as well. 

The parliamentarian assured that from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the National Assembly they will accompany the deputy, the councilors and all the people of Cojedes, so that their rights are not violated. 

Review of events

On Saturday, June 11, in the facilities of a restaurant belonging to the government of Cojedes, Juan Guaido was meeting with several people after taking a tour of a community in San Carlos.

Next, a group of people approached the establishment and shouted to ask the former deputy to leave the premises and the state.

Faced with these facts, it was learned that the deputy Karina Rojas and the councilor Orlando Martínez were in the place, accompanying those who expressed their indignation at the stay of the former deputy.

Martinez pointed out that they were from their seats and from the PSUV, supporting the people who have suffered the criminal and vandalism actions that the Voluntad Popular militant has also carried out and promoted.

He stated that for 23 years, he has worked for the people to comply with the lines of protection of the Bolivarian revolution and that he hopes to be present when Venezuelan justice "reaches Guaidó."

Rojas, for her part, assured that she has been rudely treated by the Clebc deputies and that on more than one occasion she has gone to request the corresponding minutes for the substitution action and they have not been delivered to her. 

Likewise, she claimed to have been singled out and accused of committing acts of vandalism, and subjected to public ridicule by Clebc deputies.

She said that she will go to legal instances not only to assert her rights, but also because it was the people who chose her to be represented by her in the seat she occupies.


  1. It is necessary and pertinent to know the political composition of the legislative council of Cojedes. From the outset, I maintain and defend in the car, that the measure taken by the deputies is contrary to law, arbitrary and irritates. The procedure was diverted, it did not comply with due process, for paving the immunity of deputy Rojas: a legal measure should be issued against the actors in this action, the legal consultant of the legislative council of Cojedes. Now, Guaido is the leading promoter of a range of crimes, why isn't he a prisoner attached to any accused criminal, behind bars, who protects him and leads him by the hand through the territory that he has offended and our Venezuelan dignity, what the hell is he doing? the public ministry, because it protects it. Then the people react, they get horny, and the councilors and deputies are the legitimate representation of the people's spokesperson, I have said, journalist and lawyer, Willians Escalona Teran, with the truth I do not offend or fear.

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