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VenApp continues to bring solutions to cojedeños

The families of the Apamates I community of Tinaquillo had been presenting failures in the supply of the vital liquid for a long time and after a report made by line 58 of the Ven App system, representatives of the Hydrologic Center of the Center appeared to carry out the respective inspections, the maintenance of the pump and subsequent replacement by a completely new equipment, with greater capacity, which represents an increase in the flow rate from 12 to 20 liters per second.

The Apamates I community of Tinaquillo celebrated and accompanied the installation by Hidrocentro Cojedes of a 30 Hp submersible pump -Horse Power/Caballos de Fuerza- with which it was possible to increase the pumping of drinking water in the area.

Come App

Residents of the Apamates I, Eucalipto, Los Pinos and Trunk 005 sectors of Tinaquillo, accompanied this installation, which contributes to the improvement of the drinking water supply of some 3.372 inhabitants.

Deivy García, inhabitant of Apamates I, and author of the report by the App, thanked the immediate response given by this system of the National Government, which came through the Ministry of People's Power for Water Care and his company in the state, Hydrocenter.

García explained that since the report was made on line 58 of the system, he immediately received a call to request the exact location and the next day, the staff was already on site carrying out the respective inspection.

He then explained that the body of inspectors of Hidrocentro Cojedes carried out the pertinent tests to find the solution, and that the equipment was later replaced to achieve the improvement, a process that took between 5 and 7 days. For her part, Carmen Rosa Mujica, showed her total gratitude for this new method of direct attention to the people.

“We are here accompanying this installation, we had been waiting for a solution for some time and today, thanks to the revolutionary government, we see this desire for the improvement of water pumping materialized,” the spokesperson pointed out. 

Drinking Water

As part of the responses of the Ven App system, in the El Rosal sector of the Lima Blanco municipality, the group of workers of Hidrocentro Cojedes, installed a Complaint for the Ven App El Rosal Sector, Lima Blanco municipality, they installed a 5.5 Hp motor of 230 volts, coupled to a pump body of 3 liters of water per second.

The report made by line 58 of the Ven App, stated that for approximately 7 months, some 700 families in the aforementioned community were without water supply.

The request was made by José Luis Perozo, a resident of El Rosal, who stated that the response time was three days, and that the application is a reality to solve the needs of the communities. Perozo also assured that in the deep well, the components of the command control panel were also replaced, remaining 100 percent operational, and guaranteeing the supply of drinking water to the community of Cojeda.

Sewage Report

In the Barrio Nuevo and Villa Universitaria communities of San Carlos, capital of the Llanera entity, a serious problem of overflowing sewage afflicted the inhabitants. The Situational Room of the Ven App of Hidrocentro Cojedes, attended the report made by the community and in the place a 65-meter section of collector was replaced and two manholes were installed. 

Likewise, 3 6-inch PVC embeddings were repaired for the cleaning and sanitation of sewage, which affected more than 3 inhabitants of both sectors. Francisco Benítez, sectoral vice president of Hidrocentro, said that they will continue to attend to requests in each of the nine municipalities of Cojedes, maintaining as a premise the social welfare of the population and compliance with the lines issued by President Nicolás Maduro and the Ministry of Attention to the Waters.

 Replaced the submersible pump with a completely new one

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