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Pozo Azul an unmissable destination to enjoy and take care of

#Cojedes Pozo Azul is one of the most demanded destinations in this entity

Pozo Azul is a natural attraction located in the Tirgua National Park, a mountainous area belonging to the Nirgua municipality of the Yaracuy state, but since it borders with the Cojedes state it is administered by both entities, with easier access through the Tinaquillo municipality. specifically by the La Pica sector, where the tour begins.

This wonderful torrent has been promoting itself more vigorously in tourism in the last four years, it has received visitors from all over the country, including foreigners, because its crystal clear and cold waters, with a blue-turquoise background, and its surroundings made up of mountains rocky, generate in the visitor an approach with nature that makes you not want to leave this magical place.

Access to Blue Well

To access Pozo Azul, you must walk approximately 4,5 kilometers, which go on slopes with splendid views of the Tirgua River and the mountains of the National Park. The flora and fauna accompany you on the tour, you can see blue butterflies (Morpho) very closely, which amaze with their splendor, and which tourists say "they don't allow themselves to be photographed". In addition, in this area you will be able to perceive the courtesy, kindness and receptivity of the locals who are always willing to collaborate with what is necessary during the walk. 

Before reaching Pozo Azul, you will see the La Mataguara ravine, which extends to the right for approximately one kilometer along the edge of the road. When you reach this area, you will know that at the end of the ravine you will be reaching the entrance to Pozo Azul. To access the Well, you must climb the rocks on the shore, also walk across another small well that has been formed by the force of the fall on the rocks, it is also blue and its depth is approximately 8 meters. Once you have climbed the small step, you will find all the splendor of Pozo Azul, the sound of the fall of the waterfall about 25 meters high that will leave behind your worries to pass into a deep state of relaxation.

Mountain and adventure tourism is lived in Pozo Azul, activities such as rappelling and hiking, you can do with experts who accompany the excursions and provide the service at affordable prices. The rappel jump is one of the favorites of the visitors, because the descent is towards the deepest part of the well, which to date has not been calculated how deep it is. 

The adventure does not end in the relaxing bath, because the real challenge is on the way back, since the 4,5 kilometers await you, and this time with climbs of medium complexity, quite a challenge. If you feel that your body is in a position to climb the long return, you will fully enjoy it; Another wonderful option only if you need it or in case of an injury, is that the locals have arranged the rental of horses, mules and donkeys, to facilitate the ascent and extend the experience of this beautiful walk, you just have to request it outside the well .

For those who love to spend the night, the natural environment offers, among its riverside forests, an adequate space for camping, next to it a caney has been set up for tourists where they can cook, and for those who wish, they can hire the service of lunch at specific times with the well-known Mrs. Maria, who during the weekends sells soup in this area. 


An important piece of information recommended by the Ministry of Tourism and Inatur in Cojedes is organization at the time of visits. Pozo Azul is a small space, with the capacity to hold around 50 people. Therefore, the call is for awareness and care for this ecosystem, since the excess of people could cause damage in the short term.

Visitors from Yaracuy state frequently arrive at Pozo Azul through Cojedes state. It is that the access through the Nirgua de Yaracuy municipality is about 36 kilometers and the area is wooded, so they prefer to access through the Tinaquillo municipality. 


To get to the entrance of Pozo Azul, you must take a transport in Tinaquillo that will take you to the Vía de Vallecito, right on the road you will find the La Pica sector and from there the adventure begins. 

Where to stay?

The best option to stay nearby is Estancia Los Manantiales, a place full of nature, with a touch of exclusivity and totally familiar, where they also offer tours to the most beautiful places in Tinaquillo and with the best guides. Follow them on social networks. 

Where to eat?

The Fogón de la Vega, in the Los Manantiales sector, is a mandatory stop. The best soup, and very varied food they offer in this space, they also have a delivery service. 


To make this visit, you must bring food and drinks to the place, important and at least two liters of water per person.

Wear sports clothes and shoes, bags to bring back waste, paper and other plastic bags, go with a guide if possible, wear shoes ready to submerge in the water, use a backpack with what is necessary, the weight makes the ascent difficult and descent, respect nature, do not throw waste, or remove plants, flowers or other natural elements.

Do not forget to bring a good attitude to enjoy the walk, the walk and the beauty of the Park.

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