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Sanjuaneros de Cojedes paid honor to the Baptist boy

They baptized the saint, participated in a mass and filled with colors to the rhythm of the drum with a procession through the streets of San Carlos

The honors to the saint who “has everything and gives everything” began with the baptism, followed by the mass where the images received the blessing, then the drums resounded in a procession, to the rhythm of the sangueo and flags, in a route that covered the adjacent communities of the San Juan parish, in San Carlos, Cojedes state, activities that ended with the birthday song for the Baptist boy.

The activities were directed by the “San Juan Bautista Niño” Brotherhood Cultural Foundation, chaired by the cultist and captain of the same, Fredy Sosa, recognized as the “Sanjuanero Mayor”, who guides and directs this festival with the help of the ecclesiastical authority. very popular in the town for 50 years.

The festive cycle of this tradition begins with the May Cross, continues with Corpus Christi, then San Juan Bautista and closes with the festival of the Virgin of Carmen, on July 16, “each of these cycles has a meaning and a philosophy, it is developing,” Sosa explained.

Likewise, Sosa explained that the Brotherhood is one thing and the drum groups that play for San Juan are another, clarifying that "there is a confusion, the Brotherhood of San Juan Bautista or within a Foundation is the one that promotes, preserves and practices the cult of Saint John. We dance the image of Saint John as a child because we respect the adult Saint John, and we do it because at every baptism it is celebrated and danced,” he expressed.

Also, he indicated that this year 150 promeseros participated, who reaffirmed their faith in San Juan Bautista Niño. In addition, Sosa pointed out that they are working on the development of regulations to approve them in the future and form the Association of Sanjuaneros of Cojedes.

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