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HomeCojedesIn Cojedes, 994 students received uniforms

In Cojedes, 994 students received uniforms

School kits containing flannel, overalls and shoes were delivered during the deployments

The team from the Center for the Development of Educational Quality (CDCE) in Cojedes provided 994 students with uniforms during the deployment carried out in the municipalities of Tinaquillo and Ricaurte.

These deployments were headed by the director of the CDCE in Cojedes state, Professor César Hernández, in the company of the management team, members of the municipal political team of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and active forces of the territory.

Hernández reported that on Tuesday and Wednesday he and his entire work team were deployed in two municipalities to continue advancing with the delivery of school kits to the boys and girls of the entity's educational establishments.

educational accompaniments

He stressed that they have remained deployed in the territories to accompany the management in the educational establishments, in addition to other actions such as the review and updating of files with directors of the general secondary, technical secondary and adult modality levels.

The Director of the Center for the Development of Educational Quality (CDCE) in Cojedes, César Hernández, mentioned that among the many activities that were carried out simultaneously is the meeting with school defenders and institutional health spokespersons, with the purpose of downloading guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education.

Likewise, Hernández pointed out that they held a meeting with integral mothers of the National Autonomous Service for Comprehensive Care for Children and the Family (Senifa), who are in the process of disability.

They also gave an induction to the School Food Distribution System, aimed at directors of schools and Spokespersons of the Fernanda Bolaños Front (FFB).

Inauguration of the municipal headquarters of the CDCE Tinaquillo

Hernández said that the headquarters where the Municipal Educational Quality Development Center of Tinaquillo will operate was inaugurated, a space that will serve for the meeting and attention of staff and students to continue providing quality education.

Proposal for a digital newspaper in Tinaquillo

Communicators from the Tinaquillo Municipal Educational Quality Development Center, presented a proposal for the Digital Newspaper "Education, News in Movement", with the participation of Prof. César Hernández, director of CDCE Cojedes, and Cristhiams Sequera, State Coordinator of Communication Management of the Center for the Development of Educational Quality of the Bolivarian State of Cojedes.

Provision of paint and school kits in the Ricaurte municipality

On another day, Hernández highlighted that they delivered a supply of paint to the EBE Ana de Agudiño, located in the Caño Hondo sector of the Ricaurte municipality, to improve the school facilities and offer decent spaces to the students.

In addition, Hernández stressed that a total of 493 school kits were delivered in the Ricaurte municipality, where the IEE "Ricaurte" delivered 28 school kits containing flannel, overalls and shoes, in the same way 41 boys and girls from EPE Cenaido were provided. Mendoza, among other institutions benefited from this opportunity.

Display that was adorned by the color and beauty of the Ricaurtense culture, where credentials were also delivered to the directors and deputy directors of state schools.

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