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Cojedes students among the first places in Robotics

20 young people from different educational institutions stood out in the Regional Creative Robotics Olympics

The Cojedes delegation placed third in the Regional Creative Robotics Olympics, which included the participation of 20 boys, girls and young people from different educational institutions in the entity, who presented seven innovative projects linked to the areas of science. and technology.

This festival of scientific knowledge brought together schools from eight states of the country, and took place last Saturday, at the Mauricio Johnson Gymnasium of the Las Delicias Sports Center, located in the city of Maracay, Aragua state.

Cojedes' representation demonstrated his creativity, inventiveness, skill and ingenuity with the presentation of seven scientific projects, allowing the Sphynx proposal: driver alcohol monitoring system for vehicle ignition regulation, to take third place in the competition. Regional Creative Robotics Olympics.

The prototype was presented by UNEFA students Tinaquillo, Jesús Alejandro Melo and Nahum Miguel Polanco Aular, which consists of a device that is integrated into the interior of the vehicle to monitor the alcohol level of drivers, using a sensor. MQ03 gases calibrated and programmed to detect the alcohol level.

This device will determine the level of alcohol in the driver's blood and if it is higher than the limit, the device blocks the ignition of the vehicle. On the other hand, if the alcohol level is within the permitted parameter, the vehicle starts normally.

Another of the students' projects was the Arduino Incubator, designed and presented by María José García Malpica and Javier Alessandro Guerra Hernández. Also, the Wifi Jammer cybersecurity device, by Kin Hederson Morales Herrera and Jhosnel Adrián Navas Peña, from the UNEFA municipality of Tinaquillo.

Likewise, the Humberto Fernández Morán Robot by Miguel Gabriel Álvarez and Savier Ignacio Ostos Pérez, from the ETA General Manuel Manrique, Ezequiel Zamora municipality, stands out; the Simón Bolívar Drone by Adrielis Marivic Chirinos Gómez, William Francisco Antequera Valera and José Julián Rivero Pacheco from the Anzoátegui municipality; Photovoltaic biogenerator by Yerovy Alexander Barrios Mercado and María Antonieta Lima Bello, ETRZ Sixto Sosa of the Tinaco municipality; and finally, the Mini generator and wireless electricity by Cristian Jeremías Terán Herrera from the EBN Balmira Villegas of the Tinaquillo municipality.

This activity is an initiative promoted by the national government, through the Great Mission of Science, Technology and Innovation Dr. Humberto Fernández Morán, to promote national talent and encourage the study of scientific careers in the country.

20 boys, girls and young people from different educational institutions in Cojedes

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