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Cojedeños workers sign in rejection of the sanctions and blockade

During the day, slogans were heard such as: Biden lift the blockade now! No more sanctions!

The working class of the different institutions that make life in the Bolivarian state of Cojedes, actively participated during a day to collect signatures, to express their rejection of the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States government on the people of Venezuela.

Institutions such as the company Sistema Integral de Transporte Superficial Sociedad Anónima (Sitssa), the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Ministry of Popular Power for Productive Agriculture and Lands (Mppapt), National Institute of Tourism (Inatur), Center for Development of Educational Quality (CDCE), Universidad Deportiva del Sur (UDS), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Women (MinMujer), among other institutions provided spaces to carry out the day.

María Rojas, a worker in the education sector, expressed that with her signature she contributes to the construction of a future of peace, “Maduro is the man who guarantees us that peace, I sign because I contribute to that construction, and because I want my country free of those horrible sanctions that have done so much damage to us.”

Let them remove that blockade from us now!

Also, worker José González said: “Let them remove this blockade from us now! I signed against the economic blockade, what we all want is for that blockade to be removed now. This blockade is denying us many opportunities, because we are suffering economically right now. I will sign as many times as possible to support my president in this difficult fight that he has faced,” González emphasized.

For the president of Sitssa Cojedes, Nelson Castellanos, this activity is a support for the set of actions that President Nicolás Maduro is implementing, together with his government team, to defend the sovereignty of the Homeland, “and the working class of the transportation sector. will always be at the forefront supporting every action of our líder revolutionary, working for a better future in union with the people, because the revolution is here to stay,” he emphasized.

The FANB committed to the defense of sovereignty

At the signature collection day, held at the GNB command facilities in San Carlos, GD Miguel Oscar Cuadros, commander of Zodi No. 34 Cojedes, highlighted that “the FANB is committed to the defense of sovereignty national and the protection of the Venezuelan people.”

He added that they are not going to allow the United States government to continue imposing its will on the world, especially when it comes to countries that do not submit to their interests. “Economic and political sanctions only cause suffering to the population… We ask all Venezuelans to sign in rejection of these unilateral coercive measures and to work together to build a more just and equitable world for all,” urged the Zodi commander.

Land Ministry rejects blockade and sanctions

In turn, the workers of the Ministry of Popular Power for Productive Agriculture and Lands (Mppapt), from the early hours of the morning, gathered to sign their signature in rejection of the blockade and sanctions, where with slogans they expressed their repudiation of these coercive measures that have been affecting an entire town.

The coordinator of the Regional Land Office, Yulimar Egleé Barrios, celebrated that these days of collecting signatures are taking place in Cojedes, which she considered evidence of a clear message to the Venezuelan fascist right that asked the imperial governments for these coercive measures. In addition, she invited all Cojedeños to join the call to sign against the economic blockade and sanctions.

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